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May is National Bike Month

With May as National Bike Month, we have been quite busy! We support the Tour de Cookie (which was cancelled due to rain) and Bike to Work Day at the Fallsgrove pitstop. We also host the TERRIFIC Kids bike giveaway which grants over 50 students with reburished bikes. In the midst of these activities, continued Open Shop Hours and Women Wednesdays, we also started a Bike Month fundraising campaign on Facebook.

As some of you may know, we have obtained temporary space at 10 N. Washington Street in downtown Rockville. It's been great having volunteers come in to work on donated bikes as well as those just wanting to fix their own bikes in this indoor space. This is why we have a community bike shop so you can come use our tools and learn.

However the rent has increased with our renewed lease and we will not be able to keep this space for another six months. So we need your help to find us a corporate sponsor or to make a small donation. Any amount would help maintain our space.

So please make a donate via Facebook as they take care of the donation processing with no fees. Or feel free to donate directly on our website here.

Also, checks can be made payable to "Rockville Bike Hub" and mailed to:

P.O. Box 0696

Rockville, MD 20849

Thank you for the continued support and helping to connect the community on two wheels!

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