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Montgomery County designates October as Community Service Month... and we had a lot happening!

One of our volunteers Sean contacted Maryland Department of Transportation and secured a donation of bicycle lights. So every adult bike we donate can have front and rear lights so cyclists can be seen and visible. Thank you so much both to Sean and MC-DOT for helping to keep riders safe!

Once again RBH participated in the 2023 Wild Goose Chase in Cambridge, MD. Connie, Joy and Sophie volunteered to host two basic maintenance workshops for the attendees of this women’s ride. With 3-hour workshops in the morning and afternoon, ladies learned how to adjust brakes and gearing, change a flat tire and maintain a clean drivetrain in great working order. Ladies asked a lot of questions and got hands-on experience.

It was also fun to meet and greet Georgena Terry at the pre-ride dinner. This women’s bicycling icon founded the Wild Goose Chase ride in 2008 as a fundraiser for the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. As inventor of women-specific saddles and custom-built bicycles, Georgena is so down-to-earth and easy-to-talk to. She loves taking photos with us too!

RBH has also continued to provide refurbished bicycles to the BikeMatchMoCo program which started in 2020. We have donated about 53 adult bikes to this program and happy to “connect the community on two wheels”!!

RBH partnered with Montgomery County Department of Transportation again at their Annual Bicycle Donation Drive. The County collected almost 300 bikes and RBH received over 130 of these. Bikes were also donated to Bikes for the World. Volunteers came out early before sunrise to help remove pedals and turn handlebars so bikes can be easily stored. We received a variety of bikes from folding bikes, a tandem and several scooters! We appreciate the help of our volunteers who moved bikes into storage too. This collection will help us prepare for the TERRIFIC Kids program in the spring and continue to make refurbished adult bikes available to our local community. Thank you to our volunteers: Andy, Dan, Darryl, Josh, Stuart Tracy!!

Finally this month, we received a special donation from Daniel Treadwell. We appreciate his generous contribution which will help us obtain workstations for our tools and continue to pay the ever-increasing rent at our current temporary space at N. Washington Street. As always his donation to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit is fully tax deductible. Stay tuned next month for some highlights about this special donor!

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