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National Bike Month is always a busy time for RBH!

Updated: May 29, 2023

RBH started May at the 2023 Tour de Cookie, a fundraising bike ride for the Tree House. and provided mechanic support for the participants. Thanks to the volunteers who came to help pump tires and drive a SAG (support and gear) wagon.

Bike to Work Day was on May 19 and RBH was at the Rockville Town Center pitstop. We provided mechanic support for registered commuters who stopped by for their t-shirt, treats and other swag. We appreciate our volunteers, Bob and Josh, for coming early in the morning to help! And Connie got RBH great coverage with Rockville 11!

That same afternoon/evening more volunteers came to help prepare bicycles for our TERRIFIC Kids Bike Giveaway on the next day. Refurbished kids bikes have been sitting in storage and needed tires to be pumped and the dust cleaned off. Thank you to the volunteers who worked hard for over 3 hours getting these kids bikes shiny and bright!

Then Saturday, May 20 was the big day! Partnering with the City of Rockville, RBH was ready to give away bicycles to students who earned them by doing good deeds and being T.E.R.R.I.F.I.C. (Trustworthy, Earnest, Respectful, Responsible, Involved, Fair, Industrious, Caring). With enthusiastic volunteers, we distributed about 70 bikes and saw lots of smiling, happy faces on kids and parents alike. It was a beautiful day to give away bikes!

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